Now this is a real competitor to my current target SX-4.

Both are hatchback, both look sporty (esp with bodykit) and both offer a decent level of equipment inside and outside the car. Most importantly, the price of both cars is about the same, around S$60,000. I find them comparable even though Jazz is only a 1.3 with i-VTEC and SX-4 is 1.6 with VVT.

What is common about both cars and kinda appeals to me is their branched out A-pillar creating that small window just ahead of the wing mirrors.

Now the SX-4 advantages over the Jazz is

1. Its likely to be more exclusive compared to Jazz

2. It looks more sporty

3. Its a 1.6

4. It comes with steering wheel mounted audio controls

The Jazz wins with

1. its FC. It is top in its class, 24km/litre on paper, beating SX-4 with its 13km/litre

2. space and volume despite being shorter in dimensions than SX-4

3. really ergonomic dashboard

FC is likely to be the main deciding factor in the current ever-rising oil prices. So its likely to be Jazz for now, until i eventually buy then.



I find the red bodykit very sporty. Which one do you like?