Went to catch the japanese show “Hero" yesterday.

You should have heard/seen the serials back in 2001. It was one of the highest viewership drama back then, casting the super yan-tao Takuyu Kimura as 久利生公平 (Kuriyu Kouhei) and my favourite jap actress Matsu Takako as 雨宮舞子 (Amamiya Maiko).

The movie is a follow up on the special shown on Ch8 one week ago. I didn’t catch it. The main plot of the special is somehow tied to the movie so if you missed the TV special like me, you may not understand some parts of the movie.

The movie begins with Kuriyu begin assigned to take over a manslaughter case from fellow prosecutor Shibayama Mitsugu who was bothered by his own divorce case. Although Shibayama had managed to get the suspect to admit to the case, things get really complicated when the suspect is used as an alibi for another big case involving politician/ministar taking bribes. The suspect, together with his big time lawyer (who was hired by the ministar to ensure his alibi remains) refused to admit to the charges in court.

So in order to find out the truth, the once familiar never-say-die attitude of Kuriyu came back again. You see him running all the way to Korea (with Amamiya) to look for an important piece of evidence, meeting another yan-tao prosecutor played by Lee Byung Hun. His part in the show is actually very little, i think less than 5 min. Super 跑龍套.

Sometime during the show, Kuriyu was talking to the big time lawyer (who was a prosecutor) and the lawyer mentioned that when his hands were really tied up with all the cases, mistakes are unavoidable and many wrong judgements were passed. Now although the spirit of Kuriyu is admirable, i cannot help wonder if he can keep up if he is tied up with many on-going cases. But its a drama/movie we are talking about here, so he is ideally a one-case-at-a-time kinda prosecutor.

Overall, nice show, nicer if you are fan of 木村拓哉. I enjoyed the show very much because of 松隆子. Will be kinda nostalgic if you enjoyed the serial few year back.