I am going Taipei with 66.6% of my readers in Dec. Its about 11 days away.

Its been a good 12 years since we went overseas together. The last occasion was a cruise on Star Aquarius, with another 2 friends to Port Klang and Penang. One of them went on his path of becoming his own boss while another decided that I do not fit his idea of “good friend" and went his way too.

But these are not the important stuff.

I really look forward to this trip, even though it may well be the last that i ever take with them. Nothing sentimental here, jus that after this trip, we need to seriously settle down and the take care of the commitments to come. 33.3% will get married soon, another 33.3% will focus on his career and hopefully his love life after that. Can’t see another bachelor trip ahead of us.

Anyway, we should always enjoy what’s to come and not think too far ahead. Like i always preach to my gf: “Why get so bothered by the future when its unknown? You can plan, consider but never worry. Cos we never know what is going to happen."

This trip is not going to be a all-out shopping trip. Neither is it a eat-all-u-can thingy too, my stomach has not been the best of conditions lately. I only hope that i can enjoy some time with my 66.6% and take some beautiful pictures.

Speaking of my stomach, i am supposed to go see the specialist this coming thursday to know the results of my ultrasound scan 2 weeks ago. Didn’t feel optimistic when i left the hospital that day but i don’t see the need to worry either. Will know it all on thursday then.