Something about wordpress is that as the admin of this blog, i can see the number of viewership and keep track daily. However, when my best friends cannot be bothered to read my last post at blogspot carefully, and my gf who is also not really bothered unless i tell her to come and read, my viewership remains at Nil, Zero, Nothing.

Still, however depressing this is, i am utterly over the moon to announce that i am an Uncle liao!!!!

No, not the usual uncle lah. I just have a niece!!! She is currently 3 days old as of today and I can really feel the joy she has brought to my brother & sister-in-law. Not forgetting to mention that my mum is now a grandma, she jus cannot stop smiling even till now.

I am now happily trying to figure out what to buy for her. Something that is memorable and yet unique. Hmm….