My brother first saw it when he came back for dinner on monday. My pet was “dead".

Not actually, but almost. It was lying on its back, a rare sight for any lobster even for a dead one. A dead lobster will jus lie on its side and sway with the water, they dun turn upside down.

I decide to stay up that nite to observe my pet. First of all, its tail is now all curled up and this is usually the first sign that things are not right. Then its not eating at all, not even picking up the pellets i threw in.

So i took the camera and wait. These are what i captured.

My first thought was to try to find out what can be the possible causes. I jus changed the tank water on sunday afternoon, added the marine salt in but it wasn’t the first time i did that. I decide to take the safe approach and change one pail of water.

After 2 days (today), its looking slightly better but the tail is still curled up. It didn’t even raise its claws when the fish swam right in front of it.

Better start preparing my steamboat soon. Hahaha…