Heard from my friends that there is a famous bento shop in Park Mall. So I went down today with my girlfriend to try it out.

Was kinda disappointed when i couldn’t find any Japanese restaurant name in the shops directory list. Nevertheless, decide to pop down to B1 to see see. Was even more disappointed when i see a small eatery selling bentos, korean food together with local food. There was no other shops around that seems like a decent bento selling japanese restaurant. I tot, since i am here, might as well try first.

Ordered one Unagi + salmon bento while my girl has a gyoza + fried chicken bento. $7 for mine and $6.50 for hers. Price still not expensive but considered pricy for something presented in foodcourt style.

The taste is, erm, nothing special lah. The salmon tastes funny and the unagi is passable. Definitely not something that i would recommend. But i find it strange, my ex-boss, a japanese himself told me of this bento selling shop, and i see japanese (kids) on a table behind us. Maybe their taste and ours are not quite alike?

No pictures, didn’t want to take something that look like what you can get in foodcourts easily. Main reason? Don’t want to malu myself lah, then?