Today is the 8th session of my RT phase 1. Its the dreaded IPPT session.

Never like IPPT becos i suck at it. Standing Board Jump (SBJ) and 2.4k run were my killers. Today, it was a little more inspiring becos i have one friend with me to take the test, won’t be so lonely.

Shuttle run was first, an easy 9.8sec for a 5 points. Never a problem for me.

Then the hated SBJ. My friend went b4 me and he got a 221 on first attempt. Thats a 3 points and good enuff but he tried again and got a 234 for a 4 points. Damn.
My turn, i got a 216. Not good enuff, i needed a 221 at least for pass. Second attempt and dunnoe wat got into me, i jus leapt off without thinking and got a 230 for a personal best. Weird, for me, SBJ is never a trainable item, depends more on luck.
Sit-up is next, getting a 40 is tough but manageable. With a tight stomach, going for the last static station chin-ups is shag. I squeezed out my milk-drinking strength to get 9 sets for a 4 points. So far so good, 18 points liao.

Yucks, i really hated this part. And now given that i have passed all those static stations, i desperately needed to pass the run, to clock 12min maximum (blame it on my vocation). I can still remember my timings for the 6 rounds.
Round1: 1:47
Round2: 3:56
Round3: 6:04
Round4: 8:09
Round5: 10:16
Last: 12:09

So thats how you get the title of this post.