Was into the idea of keeping a dog next time when i have my own house. Can’t do so now becos my mum is mentally allergic to anything with fur.
I don’t like small dogs (ie chihuahua, silky terrier). Feel that small dogs do not fulfill my impressions of dogs as guardians. Although some small dogs can and will feel protective of their owners in times of danger, i would prefer a german Shepard protecting me instead of a jack russel terrier.
The breed i had in mind was a Chow Chow. Its a snobbish dog, more cat-like in attitude than a dog. But i realised that Chow Chow is considered as a medium size dog and therefore not allowed to be kept legally in HDB. Damn fucking stupid rules. Now as if some private condominiums are any bigger than HDBs.
Not that some people i see care though. I seen Labradors, huskies around in HDB more often than i see chihuahuas.

I given up on dogs, turning my attention to felines instead. Now for the less informed, cats are not allowed to be kept as pets too in HDB. I don’t know how this another damn stupid regulation was derived and couldn’t care less. I plan to keep one next time.

Having read up something about cat breeds for the past few days, i learned something.
1) Cats are not that solitary, they do need occasional cuddling and showers of love/concern from their owners.
2) Some cats are not to be let outdoors, as they are too docile to even make a feeble attempt to protect themselves.
3) Adults cats sleep 16hours a day. Try beating that.
4) Some cats can live for more than 15 years, depending on the breed and living conditions.

So as i read on, i narrow down according to my (future) situations and preferences. Ended up with a breed known as “Ragdoll“. Take some time to follow the link, its interesting to know this breed better, for 66.6% of my readers will get to see one in the future.

Keeping a cat isn’t cheap. In fact, it can be darn rite expensive depending on how pampered the cat the owner wants it to be. Some of the must-buy items include:
1) litter tray w litter
2) food and water bowl (water fountain for the more techie inclined)
3) scratching post
4) toys
5) bed
6) carrier bag
7) toiletries
8) food

and there is so much to be learned about cat food from the ingredients to the producing companies relationships with other food companies.

Enuff for today, there is just so much on cats that i can regurgitate from the net.