On saturday August 4th 2007 Straits Times, front page, “Boost for couples who want to live near parents"

I will directly copy out one paragraph.

“The impending change stems from feedback from a strings of dialogues and other discussions held since november last year aimed at findings ways to boost community ties at a time of hectic lifestyles, an ageing population and increased immigration."

I am doubtful that our gahmen knows wat exactly we wants. Do i want to feel attached to my estate? Do i want to continue living in a society whereby my success is judged my material possessions? Do i want a gahmen that focuses more on the image of the nation than folks who can barely earn enuff to survive? Do i want future nation leaders to spit words like “Get out of my fucking uncaring elite face"? Do i want to stay and build my future on this island?

No, no, no, no and no. Truth is, i witness a friend of mine immigrate to Aussie couple of weeks back. Although i won’t wholly agree on his reasons, i feel its only a matter of time i step off this island for somewhere better. I dun feel attached to this nation since its more managed like a private limited by our gahmen. More like i am jus a puny employee, part of the statistics.

Our minsters are like managers of a company, getting humongous paycheck while pathetic employees like me has even problems buying a suzuki. Do i seriously feel that the nation owed to our ministers for paving the way for us singaporeans? I think u know the answer…