Went to the picturehouse today and caught the anime show “Paprika".

I know nuts about this anime. No slightest idea wat Paprika means (its actually a type of spice) or wat the movie theme is like. Nevertheless decided to go for the last seats in the small theatre (front row no less) cos my best friend recommended it.
I didn’t regret it.
Paprika is mind-boggling, captivating and spiced with a tingle of suspense and comedy here and there. Basically its about a pretty female therapist living an alter ego as “Paprika" in the dreams of people for therapy purposes. However, this mind-intrusion form of therapy is not yet accepted by the gahmen and when the device to enter people’s dream “DC-Mini" get stolen, things can worse. She sets off to undercover the plot behind.
Overall a very nice show (better than Harry Potter i watched few days ago). Kept me thinking throughout the show what is reality, what is dreaming…

I give this Paprika 91/100 which will mean an A* in my primary school times. Highly recommended.