As i am writing now, my neighbour is getting on her irritating habit on full-blasting her gospel songs while folks like me maybe trying to sleep a while longer (but i am not today, as u can see the earlier post).
Can’t remember when she moved in cos i dun take note of old aunties. But i can’t missed her becos of her weekend morning routine of waking the neighbourhood up with her gospel songs. And she doesn’t stop there. After this tormenting 1~2 hours of her “sing along" session, she will happily go into a phone conversation (with whoever i care) and i can hear what she says CLEARLY becos she is literally shouting onto the phone. This is so even when we are one staircase landing apart.My mum suggested that this old auntie is kinda deaf but i dun think that is a good excuse for being inconsiderate.
Anyway, impression of this old auntie neighbour of mine has been baaaaaaaad since the day i was abruptly waken up. I overheard her 100 decibels conversation (to our local bangalar cleaner) that ONLY christians will go to heaven while folks who believe in buddhism and others will go to hell. Pissed me off for one fucking week.