Went for gastroscopy yesterday at TTSH at the recommendation by some specialist since i was complaining my stomach always feel bloated.
Gastroscopy is an investigation procedure whereby a doc will insert a tube (armed with camera and tiny forceps) with a diameter of a five cent coin to see wat’s going on inside. The tube will goes from the mouth, down the throat into the gullet and then finally at the stomach. Sometimes it may also go down further into the small intestine, depending on wat the doc is trying to find. This procedure may take place while the patient is sedated (knock out) but in my case, i chose to have it awake.
First the nurse sprayed something into my throat to make the area numb. I am glad they did. My throat is not going to like the tube. After about 3min, my tongue and throat feel numb, i can’t even feel my saliva going down. Then i was told to bite on a small plastic “doughnut" so that the tube can go in and i won’t have a chance to bite to stop it.
It is uncomfortable. Damn fucking uncomfortable. I couldn’t swallow my saliva, i almost couldn’t breath since my gullet now is forced open by the tube. I keep choking and coughing but the doc has no intention to stop. And during this time, i can see on the screen what the tube is capturing. I could see my tongue at first, then my throat, gullet and then some pinkish stuff i cannot really care since i was choking. And the more i stared at the screen, the more unbearable it became. Finally i jus closed my eyes and hope everything will be over soon.
I can actually feel it coming out as the doc tried to calm me down. I could feel it sliding out of my stomach, thru my chest and then out of my mouth. Along with the tube came out my gastric juices but i was panting too heavily to care about the mess i made.
The doc had actually spent some time with the tube inside my stomach getting some samples for biopsy. The whole procedure lasted around 10min but it certainly feels longer.

Thinking back at this 10min, i am glad in some way that i didn’t choose to be sedated. This was an experience that is unforgettable and at the same time hopefully not repeatable. I must be more cautious about the things i put in my mouth now on, the long black tube is horrible enuff…