Jus finished watching the live telecast of the semi-final of Korea vs Iraq and Japan vs Saudi Arabia. Yucks is all i can say. I dun plan to watch the final since my fav team japan is out.
Korea played pretty well (according to commentator, since i only started at 84min) but their tired legs start to show in the extra time. When it had to go to penalty, i was thinking that a repeat of wat happen 4 days ago is unlikely (then korean won the penalty shootout). Where got always so heng wan?
So they lost by 4-3. Too bad.

Then japan started brightly. At one time, they had 74% possession. Then saudis scored one but japan put one back 2min later. After the break, saudis scored another but again japan equalised soon after. Saudis must be damn tulan at this point of time. Why japan must scored after us? Purposely one izzit? So they put one back again to make it 3-2.
This time japan run out of ideas liao. try and try but jus cannot scored. Effort for trying but tats not enuff. and also good lah, wait they scored again and go into extra time or suay suay penalty shootout again. Make the whole AFC like not very pro like tat… and i will be sleeping later…

so wat a final. good luck to saudis and iraqis for i won’t be watching…

Now sidetrack a bit, i haven’t seen much blog around where they announce the score so soon after a match. I jus did tat. Is this illegal? ESPN will send letter to me?