Woke up this morning to find one of my fish in the mouth of the crayfish.

I keep pets. One crayfish (or lobster as some prefer to call it) and 4 little fishes. It used to be 3 crayfishes and no fish. But as 2 of them died (one due to sexual stress and another due to rivalry), i tot i will buy some fish to keep this last one some company.
But now i am left with one female “Empress Dowager" and 3 little enunchs.
Was still thinking of buying a pair of catfish later but now i am having second thoughts…

For the little-informed, crayfish are not lobsters. To put it simply, lobsters are saltwater while crayfish are freshwater. Both can be eaten but crayfish are generally not treated as food locally. To know more, pls see here.
Anyway, here is a brief recount of wat happen to the Emperor and concubine.

The concubine died first. It was the smaller of the 3 initially. Always in a disadvantageous position due to its size (smaller than the other female) and smaller pincers (male have larger ones), it tend to hide and dun really get enuff to eat. Once after moulting, it lost in a fight and the other female got one pincer as dinner. It never really recover from the fight and died soon after tat.
The emperor was luckier though (but not much). With two females around, it never lack sexual company. But i guess it knew the dowager was in a better position to bear offsprings, so the concubine never really get her share of bedtime action.
But the dowager was demanding. So much so tat the emperor secretly plotted an escape from the palace one night and found its way to my parents’ room toilet. There, my sister discovered the morning after, drying and dying. Even when we returned it to the palace, it died on the second night. Now the palace is all the dowager’s.