When i reach home jus now, saw a couple of thick envelopes on my desk. Usually bills dun come in such thick envelopes so i guess they must be some brochures since there was nothing on the envelope to indicate who the bloody sender is.
After a good 5min of tearing and cursing, i realised that they are credit cards from a pretty well known foreign bank. I am confused. Why the fuck are they sending to me?
Because jus one week ago, they sent me a letter to inform me that my application has been cancelled for whatever reason i care. Anyway, it means NO.
Then why am i getting the cards? And not jus one. A good 3 cards. i can understand the 2 (Visa and Mastercard) but the ATM card for? Somemore i get a cheque book (in a thick, heavy envelope).
I tried to find back the letter but can’t seem to find it around. Made a mental note to call them up while i sign on the cards…