So there is quite a bit of hoo-ahh in the local anime otaku circle, I heard.
Well, i confess, i am almost an anime otaku. I have been watching anime since i was in primary sch. Even until now, i am still watching Naruto (Hi, AVPAS, i am watching naruto with the DvDs from bluemax, so dun knock on my door yah?) but stopped becos bluemax brings out latest episodes faster than my toenails growth.
Seems like many ppl blame ODEX for all this shit. Why they trigger AVPAS to clamp down on anime-watchers (read downloaders) and result in this island-wide fear of receiving a white letter. But ODEX is only but jus a profit-making-thou-shall-not-download-and-threaten-my-potential-profits company. So we cannot really blame them for money-making mindedness.
But there is one thing we can point our fingers to ODEX. tat is poor packaging, quality, slow release and arrogant spokesperson (“its a perspective problem").

I am for one, won’t ever buy any ODEX products until i see them as good as what i can find in Taiwan. till then, they are not getting a single buck from me.